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ATO Fines & Penalties – Increase in base unit to $170

Increase in the value of a penalty unit – applies from 28 December 2012

The enactment of the Crimes Legislation Amendment (Serious Drugs, Identity Crime and Other Measures) Act 2012 means that higher financial penalties are now in place for breaches of most Commonwealth laws.

Several of the penalties that we administer are calculated using penalty units rather than dollar figures or percentages of shortfall amounts. On 28 December 2012, the value of a penalty unit increased from $110 to $170.

For taxpayers, the implications of this legislative change are that:

  • the dollar values of administrative penalties that are calculated by us using penalty units have increased
  • the dollar values of maximum available penalties for court-imposed fines have also risen.

The new penalty unit value only applies to breaches that have occurred on or after 28 December 2012.

The penalty unit value has not been adjusted since 1997. Under the Act, the value of the penalty unit will be reviewed every three years.


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